Hey SEVVA, where’s the math?

you gotta have a huge flute there!

How many flûte a bottle of Champagne can pour? The answer is, “It depends.”

I guess it really depend on the size of your flute and how much you gonna pour into it right?

Went to Sevva with a good old friend (Patty) in-town. Champagne sounds fun for a pre-sunset chill-out and somehow, so happened, on our table there was a special menu featuring the current release of Dom Pérignon Rosé 1998 (According to Tom Stevenson, “All vintages need at least 12 years aging to nurture Dom Pérignon’s signature silky mousse”.)

“nice, a sweetly designed carte with pinky Dom here!” have to admit it’s cute to have pinkish drink sometimes!

When we skim through the carte:

by the flûte hkd 1000

by the bottle hkd 4500

we both look at each other same time and laugh, “WHAT daaa!?”

1st, personally I think hkd4500 is quite a rip off (despite it was the very beautiful SEVVA I always love to go to) while you can find one at hkd2000 in the market. 2nd, a grand per flute when its 4500 per bottle seems little ridiculous no? only 4.5 flûte a bottle? naa.. the math doesnt sounds close to right.

I guess if you use quite a large flûte that hold 225ml filled to the brim, that would allow 5x 150ml pours per bottle. Not to mention in a party situation where there would only be half filled taking the fizz to the rim – and to “freshen” with top-ups as you mingle or a more typical size flûte such as my favorite Baccarat’s “Dom Perignon Champagne Flûte” which is about 150 ml. If we do the math here:

750ml / (2/3 (about two-thirds to appreciate the aroma) x 150 ) = 7.5 flûte!!

This is 40% less of what they gona serve you by flûte! It should be hkd600 per flute instead!! “SEVVA dear, you better serve with a gigantic flûte!” I suddenly felt like I were shopping for fish and meat in market and felt disgusted by the idea of having a Dom.

We ended up a few nice glasses of Italian White for hkd -120 per glass, chatting away – delizioso!

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