Y-3 Party

Went to Island Tang in my new one piece black dress and heels. Was thinking will have a quiet quality Chinese dinner then head to Sevva for a cigar or Captains Bar for some good jazz. It’s Saturday night !

Had the most yummy strawberry ribs, abalone chicken pastry and some other dishes chatting away with my date, then my editor friend called and suggested “hey, let’s get to Y3 party after dinner!” “sure, Pourquoi pas? ” I go Sevva too often these days anyway. After I hung up the phone, I started to realize I was in nowhere close to any Y3 looks, not to mention their SS2010 worldcup inspired outfit. I was more like an older elegant lady outfit heading to a Chanel show instead (i.e. a one piece, black tube top with black and white strips knee height dress – oh, you could say I am totally forward looking that my dress was so close to Yohji’s new dark side of love- Prisoner of Love‘s Jailbird strips in Y3FW10 (and so I may feel bit better about it). Whatever, who cares when there is free flow of champagne all night long!

I was in nowhere close to this fall2010 look
prison of love fw2010

me in "out of place" stripy with mt favourite Jenny, Christine and Eleanor

Arrived at the exhibition hall-turned-club scene in Wanchai, HK. First thing I noticed was most fashionistas were in those funky grunge style, mostly in black but no old lady Chanel a-like one. While I thought I will see more Yohji’s unexpected proportions, layering found in those long coats, loose pants, asymmetric skirts and loose woolly capes. For some weired reasons, I felt great in my dress and heels imagining I were an intruder to a party.

My friend led us in and said hello to other editors. It was real great to hang out with my best party buddies there. However, I couldn’t help the fact that the only thing in my mind was “let’s run to the bar and get some boost!! ” Since the champagne line was too long at the “VIP area” (why one would need to line up for just a glass Moet if one is a “VIP” for real? Is it because things have been a little downbeat in the world of Yohji lately, with business shrinkage and store closures? And sentiment brings Y3 bit bitter as well? ). We hopped to the Belvedere bar and got some Belvedere straight (I wished they have Grey Goose which I prefer much more).

Bottoms up two. The good thing about better vodka is that it is so smooth, you might forget that it is alcohol and drink it like water. Grabbed another one in hand and started to feel more Y3.

Saw many familiar faces that I have been bumping into in LKF and parties the past decade. For the last hour I was there, I was telling my date about their little stories and how they looked like years ago, who dated who, who dumped who, who were the ultimate crackhead, where we used to hang and how I found I don’t relate to them anymore. It was fun to watch people grow into different stories indeed. Y3 party a time machine!