What Stella’s Wisteria Print should go with?

recieved this from Stella Mccartney today for her SS 2010:

Wisteria Print for summer sounds not bad. I always love wisteria print, like those Claude Monet painting, how can one not love it forever?! Actually I had a preview of Stella’s collection earlier when the weather was still cold. It appeared to reference childhood memories of her mother’s wardrobe with easy denim separates, fine-gauge knitwear and relaxed tailoring in summery shades straight out of the 1970s. I sort of like it, but it definitely makes me feel lot more romantic, summery, a little retro and definitely girly when I look at it now.

Was thinking what to match with this wisteria print sun dress and her blouses. Besides a pair of low, cork, wedge-heeled sandals or just a more elegant wooden heels sandals I bought earlier. (they finally can see the light!!) vintage accessories, like wooden bangles and retro colorful earrings sounds like a good match.

something is missing though. flower smell? ocean breeze? beautiful garden? or maybe a glass of rose champagne? I want all of them! oh yeah, I definitely need a glass of chill mysterious Krug Rosé for my full-on sensation with Stella’s!

I remember it fascinated my eye (it’s salmon pinkish bubbly!) and lips with its hint of flowers and its lively freshness, but its round flavor reigns from the first sip. The nose of the Krug Rosé is fine and flowery, complex and charming. It has the notes of berries – raspberry, wild strawberry, wild berries and a hint of spices. How can such fruity yet delicacy not be a complete marriage with a wisteria print floaty dress in the summer? How I miss my summer. Been way too long!!

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