sleepless over Shutter Island

600 Hot yoga at PURE cwb

710 hot shower, yeeea…

800 starbucks

922 ramen

945 Haagen-Dazs

950 “Shutter Island” the movie

1030 oh, cool movie. I think I’ll like it

1100 I guess I am scared now

1130 hell no!  it’s fucking my mind up!

1210 Leonardo ended up  a fuckup lunatic?! Living in his own little sad world? thanks Martin S.!!

1215 scared and paranoid

100 played with dog(nigger) and drank a glass of white (Jacob’s Creek, Chadonnay 06)

130 “The men who stare at goats”

200 funny one, can ease me up. good good

300 dozed off

301 woke from nightmare

330 switched to Matt Damon is “The Informant”

345 dozed off

435 went to bed and tried get some sleep

600 “Shutter Island”‘s scenes kept appearing in mind every split seconds. damit.  should I take some pills?

610 too much illusions – maybe I belong to Shutter Island, do I?

605 rewatched “the Informant”.  bit shit.  it’s must be me though.   you know, it’s Matt D. he went to Harvard or something right?

857 still awake writing how sleepless I am… screwed. Damit “Shutter Island” Damit Martin Scorsese

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